Frederik Hightower



is a well mannered man about 1,80 m height with long red Hair and a red Goate. His Green Eyes normally match the color of his expensive dress. He is a well trained men, and has a small scar on his Lip. He doesn’t carry weapons around, although he has been a Knight for a while, so should he wear an armor or fight you would see that he is experienced.


is Frederik’ s ten year old son, auburn hair and a tricky grin on his lips he is a little storm barely tamed. currently the page of lord Daeron Lockewood

h4 Janna

is Frederik’s ten year old daughter, arrivin two years after her brother at the keep. she is spoiled and armed with a strong bias against bastards, while she has gotten her fathers fire red hair


Born to a Sideline of the Hightowers from Oldtown, Frederik used to be a punching bag for his uncles as page and as squire. sustaining heavy beatings throughout all his childhood, he grew up in fear of adults, and thirst of power. shortly after his 16th birthday he was married to Finngrid of Honeywall, a small outskirt hold of oldtown, while he never actually saw her until he was 20 and already a knight. this was when her father died and as his only legitimate child, made her the heir of honeywall. through this Frederik became Lord of Honeywall. The small hold was famous for its silk and honey, but he left most of the holds decision to his wife, as she grew up there. he designated himself to patroll the caravan routes in the reach along several other knights during the times of war to keep the trade alive. it was during this that he himself gained a name for misstreating squires heavily, one of them the young Quentan Lannister, so he was called back to his hold after some years as other nobles didnt want him near their children. recently he was called to Kings landing bye the main house of hightower, so he would keep a watchfull eye on the familys trade buisness and the council at the keep. he left his wife and children in honeywall, while traveling with 3 young servants he took into service at the time he retired from protecting the caravans.


after a very unpleasant reunion with quentan, and a brief clash with anders brax, frederik stumbles upon the revelation of maester harwyns betrayal during the first ones punishment. he sacked in harwyns maester chain and started a brief investigation. in an attempt to ease his strained relationship with the lannisters, fred attempted to bond with tycel lannsiter. one of his servants though realized he could use the strain between quentan and frederik, and tried to lure the two into a duel. the plan though backfired and ended with the servant, michael, almsot getting send to the wall. as a result of all this, frederik promised his son to become a squire to tycel lannsiter in return for his servant to be pardoned. the later agreement had an unforseen sideeffect though, as tycels father squired his second son, garwen lannister, to frederik. after the departure from two of his servants towards the citadell, frederik also took in a small street orphan named hobb from the streets of kings landing.

During the Trip to oldtown, he had an additional servant for a short time, Yashua , before said one was send to the wall for spying on him. He also clashed on more than one occassion with Drake Rhysling , dealt with the squire emmon who tried to spy on him to impress Alva Snow (Bolton), helped the squire Ronnet, had to deal with a cruel murder in his hold, met Ivan of the Far North, met Vilmos Sparling, provided Golvin Salame with a laboratory, and lead the troops on the purge of the citadel. returning to kings landing he also now is followed by his son, who recently had been made a page to Daeron Lockewood.
Instead of biding his time and waiting for a chance to come by, Frederik decided to acquire a Glasshut and hired a Myrish refugee glassworkmaster, after hearing about them from golvin salame, promising said one to return the favor later. During the Ascension of Boros Baratheon he crucially helped plotting against the Ursuper, not only because he despises the murder of children, but also because boros bluntly endangered frederik’s son, as he had planned to poison daerons daily used ink – a substance cedrik would have been in contact every day. raising to the master of coin under boros, pretending to ally himself with him, he took precautions to said ones fall, like gathering proof of his false claim to the throne, and convincing the hightowers in oldtown to lay low – of course in exchange for the opportunity of him staying the master of coin under the new queen.
when the time came to move north to confront aegon, he followed the call and went north along the court under the guise of going to a wedding. after weeks of hardship he ended up fighting for his life together with garwen and daeron at the wall.

two years later frederik was chosen to become daerons successor as hand of the king, since daeron himself was crowned the new king of the seven kingdoms, and accepted even though he had doubts if he was fit for the job.

which would proove true since he lsot the position, leaving a slight fracture between him and daeron, while he started to move into a city house.

Frederik Hightower

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