Michael Flowers



Michael is a decently sporty boy for his age of 13, with a height of about 1,45 m he seems rather small for his age. his hair is practically short and brown with a hint of red in color, his eyes being green. Michael’s back is scarred with old strap-scars, but he normally would wear a shirt and trousers, as well as a Grey Tabard so those wouldn’t be visible in an instant. he normally is in a rather bitter mood around people, mostly scuffing them off harshly. still from time to time an untamed childishness flickers up.


Born as the Son of a Whore in Oldtown, Michael grew up in a Whorehouse for his earliest years. his mother kept up to her business, treating her son more as a hindrance than her beloved child. The only person he had regular contact outside of his mothers workplace was a mysterious young woman that visited him regularly, though the woman never seemed to be to friendly to be to him as well. His Mother passed away from a Disease around his sixth Namesday, leaving Michael as an Orphaned bastard, working as kitchen-, stables- or servant-boy in the whorehouse the next two years, growing more and more lonely and distanced from the adults around him. Later when he turned eight, he once again had a fateful meeting with the mysterious woman, he did spot her with two small children on her lap on the market of Oldtown. Feeling a sudden sadness Michael ran away crying from that spot, unwillingly drawing her attention towards him. Returning to the whorehouse he found himself being taken in custody from city guards, which dragged him and his spare belongings onto a car and send the confused Michael off to a hold outside of Oldtown, where the not very amused woman awaited him. Greeting him with her title as lady Hightower, Wife of Lord Frederik Hightower, and the fact that Michael was her Bastard Brother, coming to live in her Fathers Last moments, as his literal dying breath had seeded Michael. Lady Hightower than struck a deal with Michael, she would welcome him into her home, should he bear to be her husbands servant for 5 Years and never mention his Lineage to him during that time. What she didn’t tell the boy, was that her Husband was infamous for beating up his Squires to a mess of bloody pups, and so the next weeks became a living hell for Michael, leading to an attempted suicide bye jumping into a Winter-lake trying to drown himself. Barely alive Frederik realized he had gone to far, so he got himself two additional servants that would become good Friends for Michael, sharing his pain and his good Moments. Also Frederik started to make up for the Pain he inflicted on the boys with Coin, Education and other Things. Where the other two boys would accept him over the time, Michael would though never forget and neither forgive Frederik those first Weeks.
Five Years later, Michael arrived together with Lord Hightower at the Red Keep in Kings Landing. Seizing a chance to get a small revenge on Lord Hightower, he tried to get him and a former Squire that got beaten up through him into fighting each other. The Plan backfired though, sending him to the Keeps Dungeons where he got interrogated by Illyria. The Imprisonment also broke up some of his old Mental wounds, so he spend his Thirteenth Namesday in a damp Dungeon cell wetting himself in and crying Frederiks name in the sleep. Michael revealed during a conversation with Anders Brax while imprisoned that he was in fact Frederiks Bastard Brother in Law, as well as his Bastard Cousin, an information Michael found out during the Last Five Years. With the Help of Tycell Lanister, Frederik managed to get Michael back out of the Dungeons, not until Tycell used the chance to Punish Michael in Person. A Favor Michael though Returned later as Punishment for Tycell trying to Duel over a Girl on Frederiks behalf. He currently is on his Way back to Oldtown with Frederik on the Court caravan, hoping to find a Knight he could squire for so he can finally get his Promise fulfilled to be Part of Frederiks and his Sisters Family.

Michael Flowers

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