Honeywall Murder

VainProtagonist: the village of honeywall is quite busy. around a busy townsplace in the middle and the three main streets aligning there a small feast has been prepared
fishnchips69: Ivan, who left Old Town the previous day, arrives to the edge of Honeywall. He did not want to wear himself down, so he spread the trip to a day long
VainProtagonist: most townsfolk has gathered there, preparing for the celebrations about to happen, food is being cooked, tables are set up, children are decorating the chairs and tables
VainProtagonist: only few guards around, most of them seem to be stationed close to the hold rather than the actual village
fishnchips69: He looks down at the town, hearing the voices of numerous people, the laughter of children. He is some kind of demon to place these innocence into the crossfire, but he rides on
VainProtagonist: down the alley he rides, he can see several decorated carts along the way. in some children, in others seasoned workers. one particular barn has its
VainProtagonist: doors wide open, a single guard standing in front of it
fishnchips69: Ivan pulls his hood up, and points BlackHeart down the alley way
VainProtagonist: on most carts only some workers tools are placed, but all seem to be very merry and drinking some ale already. non of the carts on the alley has barrels on it though
VainProtagonist: some children trying to enter the barn though get send away from the guard barking after them Stay away kids!
fishnchips69: Ivan continues down the alley way, inspecting discretely all the carts he passes. He notices the barn that has a guard in front, none of the other barns are guarded. He makes the assessment that his prize is in there
fishnchips69: Ivan spots only the one, so he rides BlackHeart around the edge of the barn to find another opening
VainProtagonist: ivan comes past some empty crates and barrels. on the backside he finds that the storage door on the first floor is wide open, a thin rope dangling down from above, no one seemed to stand around for now here
fishnchips69: Ivan spots the opening and gets off BlackHeart. Pointing towards a field, blackHeart gallops, within hearing range of Ivan’s whistle should he need an exit. Ivan begins to climb the rope
VainProtagonist: the rope is wet and slippy, one might wonder if he slips down
fishnchips69: Ivan nearly slips halfway up, but he maintains his composure after a fall of a couple of feet Damn He whispers. He needs to be careful not to sound an alarm
fishnchips69: He begins to climb again
VainProtagonist: once he reaches the top, he sees a small balcony in front of him where some haystacks are stored. the floor is composed off wodden planks and some wooden beams
Ivan looks around and whispers Shit, that will sound off for sure if I’m not careful Ivan drops onto his stomach, and begins to crawl on a beam. The beam is thick enough to hold Ivan in the air, but Ivan remains cautious
VainProtagonist: the beam is sturdy and thick, and more important, doesnt give a single screach. once he should reach the end of a balcony, he could see a single cart down in the barns mainroom, an ox put in front of it, and winebarrles set on top
fishnchips69: As Ivan reaches the edge of the Beam, he leans over the edge of the Balcony and sees the WineBarrels There she is Ivan plots in his head a devious plan, should he be heard. He climbs down from the Balcony silent as a mute child
VainProtagonist: ivan could choose between two ways to do so, a wodden ladder right in frotn of him, or some sturdy crates. he also could let himself fall down in a haystack down. he would have had to choose one of the options though
fishnchips69: Ivan spots the Haystack underneath him and elects to… No wait He readies himself and pushes off the balcony, enough to set him into the haystack, but not enough to make noise
VainProtagonist: ivan barely avoided the hayfork that was burried in the stack. the ox just gives a silent moo, but something seems to shuffle in front of the barn
VainProtagonist: it seems the guard might be going to check the inside
fishnchips69: Ivan remains in the haystack, hearing the boots of the guard. He pulls out his throwing knife, dipped previously in the sleeping agent Ivan is always known to carry
VainProtagonist: the guard just walks to the ox and pats the animal Good boy, you will be the star tonight, old friend and then would return to his post after only taking a brief look around
fishnchips69: Ivan waits for the footsteps to leave the barn, sheathes the throwing knife back on his shoulder, and emerges slowly and quietly from the haystack. He walks to the cart and pulls out the crystals from his robe Let’s get this done He whispers to…
fishnchips69: himself

VainProtagonist: the waggon is full of barrels, but a single, smaller one sticks out. besides being smaller, it also has several dried wineleaves decorated on it, as well as a red band wrapped around it, tied to a cute slope
VainProtagonist: the plug is already switched with a spiggot plug, so it doesn’t seem to sit to tight
Ivan boards the cart, the ox’s weight on the front levels the cart so I’van weight doesn’t effect the cart’s level state. He spots a wine barrel different than the rest, whose top is slightly open, and approaches it
VainProtagonist: the ox, being a sturdy and comfy animal, keeps chwing and not minding anything that happens behind him, the guards keeps watching the street.
Ivan reaches the barrel and pulls the topper off. He looks at the crystal and says softly May the gods have mercy on these men He grinds the crystal into the wine, and places the topper back on, tight enough that it didn’t appear to have been…
fishnchips69: tampered with. He leaves the cart and climbs back up to the balcony. He crosses the beam as he did before and reaches the rope

VainProtagonist: two elderly people step into the barn once ivan reaches the top, and start to set the cart in motion

fishnchips69: Ivan slides down the rope, it’s slipperiness causing it not to burn his hands. Once he reaches the door, he looks to be sure no one is coming, ad runs to the other side of the street. He whistles for BlackHeart
VainProtagonist: guard: to the elderly people ah, the honorhalls. i hope your wine this year will live up to the reputation!
VainProtagonist: no one would bother for ivan, the people are focsed on the almost finished preparations
fishnchips69: As BlackHeart approaches, Ivan looks again at the people in town, preparing for a feast, that some will never live to tell about. He mounts BlackHeart and starts to leave the town

VainProtagonist: the elderly people start to move the ox, and the other carts join in the short travel to the townsplace. several people and a bunch of children flocking around the carts
fishnchips69: Ivan debates watching the turmoil take place, or leave the town before madness occurs
VainProtagonist: the street he stands empties, as the townsfolk has walked to the towns place, unloading the barrels and moving them to a table in the middle, decorated with red and wineleaves just like the barrle, the elderly people taking a seat on the front of…
VainProtagonist: the table

fishnchips69: Ivan sends BlackHeart off again, and walks with the crowd to the feast
VainProtagonist: but ivan would barely see what is happening from his spot, as the barn was 12 houses or barns away from the feast
fishnchips69: As Ivan realizes the idea is pointless, he changes directions and heads again for BalckHeart The sooner out of here the better
VainProtagonist: the decorated barrel is used to fill twelve chalices that are placed on the table. non for the elderly people, and between the feasting around them, some children and teenagers, ranging from around eight to 16 years, approach the table and sit down
VainProtagonist: smiling at theyr foster parents, and under applause of the village, the children take up the chalices all at the same time under the townsfolks applause
fishnchips69: Ivan mounts BlackHeart, and trots slowly out of Honeywall
VainProtagonist: the old man stands up, looking at the children as you worked hard to get the last harvest wine, you should be the first to taste it like it always was and before we send a barrel to our lord.
fishnchips69: Ivan sighs, preparing for any screams that may occur at the might of this event. He quickens BlackHeart’s pace slightly
VainProtagonist: a woman in expensive dress approaches the table, clapping her hands several times subtituting my husband, who can be here this year, i allow you too taste this years wine. i wish your work might honor honeywall and house hightower!
VainProtagonist: as the children put the chalice to theyr lips, all of them take a sip at the same time. theyr eyes widening after a short moment

VainProtagonist: cramping, shaking and grasping for air, in front of the townspeople, the children die from the strangler
VainProtagonist: as mass confusion and scream break what was until now a merry feast
fishnchips69: Ivan hears the screams, and continues the trek out of the town, back to Old Town. He doesn’t know who he may have killed, or if any died at all, but he knew the Elderly woman, may she rest in piece now, has her prize
fishnchips69: Ivan puts BlackHeart to a gallop, back to Old Town he goes. He decides to get a new robe upon arrival at Old Town, just in case…
fishnchips69: Ivan slows BlackHeart slightly, and takes off the robe, placing any remaining contents into the saddle bags. He will burn the cloak once he finds a fire back at Old Town. The box that the crystals came from sit in the Inn, left as a /gift/ from…
fishnchips69: Ivan to Sibyl for any containment she may need

VainProtagonist: in oldtown, an old woman lies coughing in her bed, suffering from unknown illness, she waits with a grinn on ehr smile for the next morning

Honeywall Murder

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